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Real Talk + Real Answers on Cannabis + CBD

So what is it about ‘KymB’ that makes audiences listen? As an entrepreneur + influencer whose been featured on Weedmaps, Forbes, Playboy + many others, KymB lives THE cannabis lifestyle.  

“I’m an open, honest, consumer + advocate. As a Cannabis Entrepreneur, my two favorite things are consuming the best cannabis + making money. From owning fitness studios to running construction sites, my 20 plus years as an entrepreneur has taught me one very hard lesson… you must have a plan! 

So, if you need any type of industry information on cannabis or CBD, hit me up, you will ALWAYS get the truth!”


Are YOU Ready to Make Some Money
Great, me too! Let’s work together. Hire me as a project manager or consultant. My goals are your goals and let me tell you they are closer + more achievable than you think! Not sold? Good, me neither: let’s schedule a COMPLIMENTARY 15 minute consultation! If the vibes are positive then we can take it from there + create a plan that is valuable!

Why Hire Me?

Influencer + Ambassador:

Influencer Marketing Industry is set to grow to approximately $9.7B in 2020. Nearly 90% of all influencer campaigns include Instagram as part of the marketing mix. Finding influencers is the greatest challenge for those who run campaigns in-house. I am taking contracts to represent brands with the same core values – Quality + Value. Let’s take your brand to the next level.

Consultant + Project Manager: 

Bring your project to life! Hire me to consult on your next project. Let’s successfully achieve your desired goal by creating a new open-minded marketing approach to Cannabis, CBD + Health/Wellness. Content + Influencer Marketing is a winning combination in 2020 when using my “Convince + Convert” application. 

Speaker, Host or Personality: 

Hire me to educate + elevate your next event. With fun + authenticity, I can host your panels, parties + fundraisers. Get the results through strategic planning +placement within your marketing + event. I specialize in virtual + in-person webinars, summits, conferences, meetups + parties. 

Pitch Me: 

It’s an exciting time in business. Do you need a partner or investor? As a serial entrepreneur, I’m blessed with a dope little black book of business. My strong connections + a diverse business portfolio have created many lucrative partnerships. Pitch me + let’s work together to build a solid revenue pipeline. 

Interviews + Blogs: 

Looking for content + informative perspectives? As a health + wellness professional engaged in the cannabis industry for 20 years, it’s easy for me to put pen to paper to create content that is ready to publish for marketing + SEO purposes. Check out my articles, blogs + press throughout this site. I hope you enjoy!

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