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Ways to Utilize + Stretch Your Stash!

One of the many things we love about Cannabis is its variety: you can smoke it, eat it, use it topically (on your skin), make it into concentrates, the list goes on + on… BUT – what do you DO when you’re running out of weed?

First, think of Cannabis as currency, similar to money, when you restock, you could try saving some for a rainy day fund. It’s understandable if you can’t do that right now or just start with one tiny nug & squirrel it away somewhere you won’t be tempted to smoke it; try to work up to putting away at least half of what you pick up, it makes for a nice selection when you have a few strains on hand. For the times we aren’t so abundant, here are some ways you can utilize what you already have:

Start saving your stems, put them in a cute little baby jar & accumulate those as you work through your stash. Once you have a reasonable amount, you can make your own teas, add some ground up or whole stems to your favorite loose tea blend & steep. I like to use a spice/ coffee grinder to get the stems to a fine powder & use a makeup brush/paintbrush to clean the machine, which can then also be used to make “cannabutter.” Cannabutter can be anything with a fat or oil base(coconut oil or any butter substitute, to be vegan-friendly.)

If you like to smoke blunts or joints, you’re not alone, they’re great at parties, don’t need to be re-packed & you can smoke ‘em ‘til it’s gone. Unfortunately, regardless of which method you use, you’re burning up lots of bud because of the paper or wrap that it’s in. When you’re trying to stretch your stash, it’s best to utilize glass pipes, one perfect medium is our TribeTokes The Phoenix Quartz Crystal Blunt 

Otherwise, you can use a one-hitter, if you have it, vaporizers, bongs or bubblers tend to make the most of your bowl pack.  You can utilize vaped flower for cannabutters as well.  Always grind up your flower when you can vs. breaking it up with your fingers, it makes for a smoother burn & invest in a grinder that has a separate chamber for kief. When you grind up your nugs, trichomes sift through to the kief chamber & combine for a yummy collaboration. Another opportunity to utilize the makeup/paint brush & save your kief to sprinkle on a few lucky bowls.

Last, but not least, resin. This is the tar-like substance that is left over inside of pipes after smoking. Now, we’re not suggesting it’s healthy for you or particularly tasty, but it will get you a good buzz & is a great way to utilize what you’ve already smoked, while cleaning your pieces for future use.

Warning: It may crackle & pop as if you’ve ignited dynamite, yet there’s no need to worry, applying direct heat to a concentrate in this fashion can cause this result.

Here are your main take aways in order to stretch your stash:

1. Pipes > Papers – Easier + healthier to consume!

2. Save Stems

3. Try Resin

4. Check out TribeTokes The Phoenix Quartz Crystal Twist

5. Use Your Grinder

I hope this helps you all as much as it helps me when I get low! But the BEST way to stay lit? Don’t run out of your stash!

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