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TribeTokes CBD Vape: Helping to Achieve Quality Sleep

When I was younger, I used to fall asleep with ease. All I needed was my favorite teddy bear and a goodnight kiss from my dad, then I would slowly drift off into my dreams..

Unfortunately, that is not the case today. As an adult, I suffer from insomnia and frequently experience days with no sleep. I’m also a light sleeper and wake up multiple times during the night. Most nights I’m lucky to get four hours of sleep a day.

I’ve been dealing with insomnia for 10 years and tried everything to help me sleep. I’ve diffused essential oils, drank chamomile tea, and took melatonin. I even had a prescription for Ambien and still had trouble sleeping. 

The only thing that truly helps me is cannabis. I recently started vaping at night and found that it helps. However, the euphoric effect typically makes me feel more awake so it takes me longer to fall asleep. 

After four months of vaping THC, and hearing the dangers of vaping, I knew it was time to try CBD vape oil because CBD has various benefits such as aiding sleep. Plus, I wanted a cannabinoid that doesn’t cause a euphoric effect and is made naturally with no additives.

So, I decided to use a TribeTokes CBD vape oil cartridge and saber flip battery. I tried a full gram of the Juicy Fruit CBD oil which is a hybrid strain. You can either purchase a full gram for $90 or a half gram for $50. The saber flip battery is $40. If you decide to purchase the bundle, you’ll save $15 and pay $75 for both items. 

The Juicy Fruit oil is perfect for people like me who have a severe sweet tooth. The smell and taste remind me of Juicy Fruit gum and red Hawaiian Punch. If you don’t like fruity undertones, TribeTokes offers five other flavored CBD vape cartridges

Before I started using the cartridge and battery, I was reminded of how easy it is to use and bring with you where you go. Plus, it’s super easy to recharge the battery. Once I started vaping the CBD oil, I loved how smooth each pull was and how it didn’t irritate my throat. 

However, I didn’t notice a significant change in the first two weeks I was using the cartridge. I felt sleepier than normal but I still laid in bed for hours impatiently waiting to fall asleep. No matter how many pulls I took from the cartridge, my eyes refused to close and my mind couldn’t relax. 

By the third week, I noticed a major difference. After taking five pulls of the CBD vape oil, I was able to fall asleep within 30 minutes. The more this happened, the more I realized my anxiety plays a huge role in my inability to sleep.
I think that’s why I didn’t notice a change in my sleeping pattern when I first used the CBD vape oil: I felt extremely stressed and anxious during those first two weeks. 

After a month, I had no issue falling asleep within an hour of vaping. I felt so much more relaxed and stress-free as I prepared to go to bed. I even looked forward to bedtime because I knew I’ll actually fall asleep with ease.

I received even better results when I started sleeping with a 15lb weighted blanket. The combination of both these items has drastically helped me fall asleep and stay asleep for at least four hours before waking up. 

Of course, there are still nights when I can’t sleep and I wake up in the middle of the night but they don’t happen as often. Before I started vaping CBD oil, I got a good night of sleep once every two weeks. Now, I get decent sleep three to four times a week which is a major improvement.

From helping me sleep to calming my anxiety, CBD vape oil has changed my life. I feel so much happier and motivated because I’m actually sleeping every night. These last two months have been great and I hope CBD continues to be the answer to my sleep problems and possibly yours too!

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