TribeTokes Adjustable voltage Black Vape Pen Starter Kit

I have tried several vape pens the last eight weeks, five to be exact and I would like to share with you my thoughts on this particular pen. The TribeTokes multi voltage pen.

First off, I love the box it comes in. The way the box opens is almost elegant. It makes me think of a jewelry box. The box itself is of good quality and definitely one you can hold on to and store your pen, charger and two spare cartridges when not in use, and if you have read any of my reviews in the past, you know I love a well-made reusable box. The box is matte black and has gold embellishments and a magnetic closure. When a company puts this kind of effort into the packaging, you know that the product inside is definitely going to be of quality too.

Usually, I use a pen straight from the box and see how long it works from the box until it dies, but I was going on vacation so I charged it all the way up, which took about 20 minutes. I used the pen all weekend, and after five days, it is still working! The light around the power button is probably my favorite feature of this pen. The light changes color to let you know the energy level of the battery. When fully charged it is bright green and fades to a yellow then orange red color, I charged it after seven days just to see if the color change was real or if I was losing my mind! The life of this battery is the most impressive of all the pens I have tried to date. At first, I felt like this battery was heavy in comparison to say “The Kind Pen”, but the length between charges is worth the extra weight and it didn’t take much time at all before I was over it.

The charger is your standard USB port charger, but the batter sits in the charger different from my other pens of similar style. The adaptor is male, as opposed to the more traditional female style.

The design of this pen is sleek. The body is matte black and the power button is silver. I love how you adjust the voltage at the bottom of the pen with the silver dial. Personally, I think this is a much easier way to adjust the heat compared to clicking the power button X times for desired setting. I can’t be the only one who over clicks or under clicks and winds up turning the damn thing off and on six times before I get it to where I need it! But seriously, you’ll feel more in control of your medicating experience this way, than with the standard three setting batteries out there.

In the three weeks that I have had this pen styled battery, I have only had to charge it twice. I should mention that I am notorious for leaving my pens “on” between uses, which if switched off would extend the life of the better between charges as well. I’ve dropped it a few times, and aside from a scuff, the pen continues to work perfectly. The pen charges from dead to full in forty minutes or less. There are definitely countless battery style pens out on the market, one for every price point, this one is a bit of a splurge for myself, but one I find to be worth every dime. Out of the five pens I have tried over the last two months, the only one I would purchase would be this one. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to medicate on the go and is looking for something that is convenient, compact, discreet and moderately priced. You can always get a cheaper pen, but remember you get what you pay for. With the power to control my temperature settings, I feel more in control of my medicating experience. I haven’t burned through any coils or my lungs for that matter. The battery is beyond impressive, especially given I how notorious I am for leaving things on.

With the graduation and wedding season right around the corner, this is an excellent item to gift. You can purchase this pen in a bundle and it comes with a half gram of CBD oil. This kit would be excellent for people of all experience levels. Everything you need comes elegantly encased conveniently in one place and ready to use straight from the package. What is better than that? It also comes in white!