We are thrilled to have many of the industry’s top names all here for The Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo. In preparation for the festivities, we’re highlighting some of the influencers to see and connect with over the week.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the following folks:

Leighton James Knowles

Leighton James Knowles is the CEO of Flower Power Coffee. He is an expert is his space and offers a fresh perspective on international cuisine, infusions and coffee. He brings 14 years of culinary arts mastery to the industry, including a history of working with some of the most well-known chefs today. Leighton has also built strategic partnerships in the cannabis space to help give back and support the community.

Hope Marian

Hope represents that diverse experience of many in the cannabis space. As an event producer, business strategist, entrepreneur, and migraine & wellness advocate, she enlightens others to the benefits of cannabis using a number of events and experiences. Hope is also the current Director of Marketing & Education for Flower Power Coffee Co.

Shira Adler

Author, Speaker and Instigator. These are a few of the titles to describe Shira Adler. The Founder and CEO of Shira Synergy loves expanding on her role as a caretaker as well as uplifting, educating and inspiring others. Be sure to check out her book, The ABCs of CBD.

Salam Diri

Salam Diri is a born and raised in Hudson County, NJ health & wellness expert, cannabis advocate and community outreach professionals. He holds a B.S. in Psychology from Rutgers Newark. As a personal trainer, manager and business owner, he is an asset for strengthening minds, bodies and relationships in the cannabis space.

Estefania Valencia

Estefania Valencia uses yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to introduce practitioners to the health benefits of cannabis. The educator and advocate was born in Colombia and raised in Hudson County, NJ. Estefania uses her B.S. in zoology and experience in the medical field, combined with her teaching experience and passion for healing, to educate and empower individuals and their communities.

Lulu Tsui

Lulu Tsui brings over 15 years of experience leading research, strategy and design for enterprise software, software as a service (SaaS), mobile and touchscreen technologies. Lulu’s unique skill-set, combined with access to the cannabis industry’s manufacturing leaders, has helped create AMBR, a software platform designed to support and standardize the operations and data for the largest growing sector of the cannabis space - oils, concentrates, and infused products.

Christopher Cedeño

Chef Christoper Cedeno’s Twenty Past Four provides consumers with an experience where it features the plant in a way that elevates the mind and palate. A New Yorker born and raised in the Astoria/Long Island City area of Queens, NY, Chef Chris has loved food his whole life. Growing up in an Ecuadorian family, he first learned how to put on a fine dining experience at home while cooking with his mom and grandmother. Now he can do it just about anywhere.

Evelyn Indyka

Evelyn Indyka is one of the top writers in the cannabis space today. Her work can be read on several publications, including The New York Cannabis Times. Those looking to stay in the know need to read her work.

Denise Biderman

Denise Biderman is the co-founder and CEO of Mary’s List, the cannabis freelance service marketplace. A legal expert and freelancer herself, she offers the space years of professional experience as well as a deep knowledge and appreciation for cannabis. She's lived the experience and knows how to provide consumers, freelancers and companies alike what they need to succeed in the cannabis space.

Shellise Rogers

Shellise Rogers is a driving force. She is the CEO and founder of Sistah Rogers, a faith-based strategy studio that maximizes the impact of cannabis on social, and spiritual consciousness. Rogers supports brands and businesses by keeping them grounded and clear on strategy. Whether a budding entrepreneur or seasoned business owner, Shellise and Sistah Rogers is excited to build on everything they've accomplished to date and bring about transformational change for its clients.

Sarah Stenuf

As the founder of Veteran’s Ananda Inc., Sarah creates relationships by helping others and providing a foundation of hope. She shares her experiences with PTSD throughout the country. In doing so, she helps educate and transition the public to a more informed culture that understand the medical condition.

Hannah Daphna

Hannah Daphna is a New York City attorney who enjoys having the ability to educate and talk about the real issues surrounding cannabis. She is the founder of the Cannabis Law Association at Brooklyn Law School. It is the first cannabis law school society in New York State and aims to promote education and networking about all things cannabis.

Jake Plowden

Jake Plowden is one of the most present people in the New York cannabis community. He is the deputy director and a co-founder of The Cannabis Cultural Association, a 501c3 nonprofit which strives to involve underrepresented communities in the legal cannabis industry. He is also the co-host and producer of the In The Know podcast. His work can also be seen as part of Word on the Tree.

Dr. David Cunic

Dr. David M. Cunic is a physical therapist, business consultant, leadership coach, and cannabis industry expert. He has over seven years of cannabis industry experience. Currently, he is the CEO of UCS Advisors, which services the business sector and cannabis community through networking, investor relations, and customized advisory services.

Josh Smilowitz

Josh Smilowitz is a cannabis industry professional and a market leader for the Connecticut chapter of CannaGather. Josh has experience establishing business relationships and has launched his own consulting business as well.

Tara “Misu” Sargente

Tara is the CEO and co-founder of Blazin’ Bakery, the first legal edibles entity in New Jersey. Her CBD products are now in over 700 stores and are for sale in every state in the U.S. She also serves as a board member for The New Jersey CannaBusiness Association.

Stu Zakim

Stu Zakim is a corporate communications and marketing professional with senior level experience in the entertainment, media and cannabis industries. He has worked with scores of high-profile names and publications in and out of cannabis. If you need a legal mind, Stu is one of the best to know.

Jessie Gill, RN

Jessie Gill is a cannabis nurse who specializes in holistic health and hospice care. Her journey from reluctant cannabis patient to advocate represents how education and passion can inspire anyone to advance the cause. Now, the Marijuana Mommy dispenses insights and answers for others as she cares for scores of people in need of information.

Jessica F. Gonzalez, Esq.

Co-founder of New Jersey’s first female and minority-owned business law firm, Jessica F. Gonzalez, Esq. offers a wealth of legal expertise in the area of corporate law & intellectual property. Cannabis serves as a special focus for the firm. She works with established brands and startups where she enjoys offering quality and affordable legal services to groups that have been marginalized in this industry—specifically women and people of color.

Edmund DeVeaux

Edmund is the Strategic Advisor for the New Jersey Cannabusiness Association. He is a Rutgers graduate and a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army. He brings experience working in the New Jersey state government to the cannabis industry, including working as a capital budget analyst in the New Jersey Department of the Treasury.

Nico Escondido

Nico Escondido is the chief cannabis officer and cultivation editor for High Times. In 2014, he founded the Cannabis Genetics Institute (CGI) in the Netherlands. He also opened an R&D facility in San Francisco, which works with other notable labs in the space.

Andrew Siceloff

Andrew Siceloff is the CEO of NJ Nectar and has a reputation for building out consumer outreach for top brands like Nike, eBay and General Motors, just to name a few. He is also the co-founder of Meet & Greet, a cannabis networking event series.

Miriam Aristy-Farer

As the founder of lifestyle body care brand Herbas, Miriam Aristy-Farer loves entering a new, not entirely legalized industry. She equally loves advocating for impact in her neighborhood and the change that comes from it. Plus, she loves seeing people’s reactions when they find out this mom is in the cannabis industry.

Jade Sancho-Duser

Jade Sancho-Duser is the Chief Operations Officer of RxMaryJade, a New Jersey-based holistic cannabis education brand. She got into the cannabis space after receiving her medical card in 2017 to treat her own health conditions. Now, she speaks about safe cannabis practices and how it can be incorporated into everyday life to treat what ails others.

The Joint Cheefs

Jovani Oyola, Raul Lopez and Lee-Anthony Massie make up the Joint Cheefs. The New York-based music group brings cannabis culture and hip-hop together to create introspective and relatable music. To date, they’ve released two full albums, two mixtapes and host their own web series, D.I.hYgh.

Jose DeJesus

Since 2016, Jose DeJesus has run Trill Cooker, a creative culinary experience that explores the Bronx Underground. He enjoys being in the cannabis space for a multitude of reasons, including the creative freedom it allows chefs so they showcase the flavor of the plant. He also loves how cannabis brings people together and its ability to transform once negative perceptions about cannabis into positives.

Now that you know some of the names be sure to be part of the action. Register now or on-site when the event begins on May 29, 2019.

We'll see you there!