Shamans Salve CBD infused lotion: Product Review

As someone that suffers from chronic pain, I am always looking for new ways to ease my pain. A couple of months ago I was given a jar of Rx Mary Jade’s CBD infused Shamans Salve. I was very excited and open minded to try this product. Many companies claim to have high quality products that are effective at relieving pain, but few live up to their claims. Rx Mary Jade is very different and I would like to share my opinion with you.


The product come simply packaged in an adorable green jar. The front label simply states Rx Mary Jade and the back label has the product number and the ingredients, first of which is love. There is no box or plastic wrap and the mouth of the jar is nice and wide so you have easy access to all of the product from start to finish.


This product is made in small batches, from what I’ve seen, batches of 25 or less. The ingredients are clearly listed on the back of the jar and they are all easy to pronounce. Love, CBD distillate, coconut oil, shea butter, cinnamon and peppermint oil... wholesome ingredients, responsibly sourced, lovingly put together and available at an extremely reasonable price.

Texture and Scent

I love the subtle scent of this product. It isn’t as overwhelming and powerful as some pain-relieving products, with strong scents. This product is good for all skin types as, as its blend of shea butter and coconut oil is perfectly blended to soothe even the driest skin. This product isn’t greasy or heavy, it can be rubbed into one area with minimal spreading, which makes dosing much easier.


I personally found this product to be super effective. I suffer from neuropathy in my feet. I have tried several lotions and medications to no avail. There are days that I would have been stuck in bed if not for Rx Mary Jade’s lotion. As of right now, it is the only thing that gives me any sort of relief. I also find it to be helpful with my joint and muscle pains elsewhere in the body.

After seeing me use and find relief with the lotion, my boyfriend let me put some on his back after a long day at work (he’s a contractor) and within minutes he too, was feeling the pain-relieving effects of Rx Mary Jade’s lotion. He was able to go to sleep and stay asleep with no back pain!

I began to take this lotion with me to my therapeutic massages, and my therapist uses the lotion during my ultrasound, and he was so impressed with how well the lotion melted and absorbed into the skin. He also said it was perfect for using with the ultrasound machine, because the electric waves push the CBD in deeper, penetrating the muscles and relieving the pain even more effectively. When I use the lotion at therapy, I need one less session a week, because I felt better between sessions.


As a product reviewer, I try lots of things, but find myself impressed by few. This product was given to me to review, but, when I run out, I will purchase this product for as long as I have access to it. I recommend it to everyone I get a chance to. I have used it at home to treat joint pain, eczema, muscle spasms, neuropathy, strained muscles and sore backs. It has become my go to for just about anything, and now that I can bring it to physical therapy and have it used there, it will certainly be a staple in my home.

I would love to see small patient owned businesses like Rx Mary Jade get the exposure they need to succeed. This product should be available in dispensaries and physical therapists should have access to it too. I think it is especially important that doctors such as rheumatologists and physical therapists have access and education about these types of products so they can share them with those most affected by chronic pain, such as the elderly. You can pick up a jar for yourself here: RxMaryJade

It also makes a great gift for anyone who suffers from chronic pain!

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