Rx MaryJade: Taking the confusion out of infusion

With the Cannabis world changing rapidly around us, it is easy enough to get overwhelmed and confused. There are countless contraptions to infuse cannabis into your foods, but is it really that hard?

Rx Mary Jade held a class on January 28th to help patients and enthusiasts alike better understand the simple process of home infusions.

This event was held at a local restaurant ,Nunzios Kitchen, in Sayreville, New Jersey. It was a private event so the restaurant closed early to the public. Jade always partners with great CBD companies for her events and this helps expose the attendees to new products and opens the gateway of conversation between the companies and the clients that isn’t possible any other way. These face to face opportunities help patients better understand the products that are available to them and gives them a chance to ask their questions without getting copy and paste responses, like they would get if they were to reach out via social media or internet websites. Not only that, but it gives the clients an interactive opportunity to actually see and feel, and sometimes sample the products. Most prefer to buy new products this way because of how vast and varied the market is and how hard it can be to make choices online without anyone to speak with.

At the front of the restaurant, there was the vendor tables. This event, Jade had CBD LUXE. They have CBD vapes, tinctures, inhalers, and topical rubs. The men running the table were nice, presentable, and approachable. They were very kind and informative but definitely not overly salesy or pushy, and I like that. Their overall vibe was very calm and they were there not only to sell their products, but also to educate the consumer. Rx Mary Jade was also selling her amazing Shamans Salve. I liked the simplicity of the set up and the fact that it wasn’t over crowded or busy. It seemed like just the right number of vendors for the size of the class.

Towards the back of the restaurant they had about a half dozen small tables set up in a horseshoe. Along the outside of

the horseshoe sat about a dozen eager, smiling faces ready to learn and happily munching down on some CBD infused dinner. Most of the attendees were female, but the ages seemed to vary from what I could see with my eyes. Some of the attendees were patients and caregivers, but some appeared to just be old school enthusiasts who just wanted to learn how to make a classic stoner staple!

A delicious CBD infused meal was made by one of my favorite Cannacooks, Edible Dots. Each serving contained 1mg of Charlotte’s Web CBD. The meal consisted of Orzo Insalata Mista and Fresca Penne Alla Vodka and there was also a CBD infused mock-tale to wash it all down! No photo because I ate it before I thought to take one!

MagicalButter was one of the sponsors, but that wasn’t the only method that was thought during the class. Jade gave a demonstration on how to use the magical butter. Most of the people in the room had not heard of the MB2e Machine, so I liked that new technology with being introduced to an older audience. Jade also taught quick infusion methods using a saucepan and a frying pan, and the slow, tried and true crock pot method.

The class had a lot of questions, and Jade did a great job at answering them. I don’t know if everyone medicated before the event, but they asked a few of the same questions over and over, to spite how well Jade answered it each time!

Jade touched on the importance of Decarboxylation whether using CBD or THC flowers. Explaining how the heat is necessary for proper infusion and bringing out the most of the medicinal benefits of the flowers and herbs. Jade showed a couple of different methods to “decarb” and also orally covered a couple other methods. One method she offered that I know I personally am interested in trying, was the MagicalButter DecarBox, which she had available for people to look at, along with other MagicalButter items. She showed everyone the tinfoil pocket method and discussed the covered dish method. In case you wondered, Jade prefers the tinfoil pocket because she feels it cuts down on the herbal smell given off during the decarboxylation process.

When infusing food, it’s important to understand the science behind it, even if just at its most basic levels. The fats you choose to use in your infusion need to be taken into consideration when choosing a method of preparation. For example, you shouldn’t quick infuse olive oil on the stove, ever. She talked about carcinogens and smoke points. She used Ghee and coconut oil in the stovetop infusion methods and olive oil in the MagicalButter Machine.

I was impressed by her general knowledge of cannabinoids and the cannabinoid systems of the human body. I personally would have liked to have seen Jade use a more “scripted” approach when teaching the class, only because it seemed like the attendees didn’t seem to be as well focused as they could have been to optimize their experience, but to spite my opinion, at the end of the class everyone was thankful for having had the opportunity to attend. Everyone thanked Jade, whether in small groups or one on one, for having put the class together. They all said they walked away with something they didn’t know before the class.

Attendees hung back after the class to shop and mingle. Many asking Jade when the next event would be and what she would be teaching next, most vowing to be there, even without knowing anything about it. I think that is a testament that what Jade is doing is important. Her following is dedicated to her products, message and practices. Influencers like Jade are vital to the progress of cannabis, both as a medical movement and an industry.

Overall, I found Jade to be funny, entertaining and informative. I can’t stress the vital role that she plays as an advocate and teacher in the community. Rx Mary Jade started as a self-help mission that has over poured and in the most wonderful way possible. Jade spreads knowledge and wellness everywhere she goes, and she does it with a smile on her face and kindness and love in her heart. I could not be more thankful for having crossed paths with such a vibrant and kind soul. At the end of the day, Rx Mary Jade isn’t a business or brand that is just in it for the money, but in it for the genuine well-being of others and putting the knowledge and tools in the hands of people who need it most.

You can find out more about upcoming events by clicking here: http://www.rxmaryjade.com/upcoming-events