the moon

By the light of the Moon

the moon

Welcome to the wild world of magic, mysteries and plant-based philosophies.
The Major ArCanna Coloring Book and Mary Jane’s Tarot explores the integration of cannabis and tarot. Through spiritual wellness, we invite you to elevate and unearth your best life!
So, light up a joint and get ready to see what’s in your cards….

The Fool
The Empress

This is your tarot deck on weed.


Maryjane’s Tarot puts a stoner’s twist on the classic Rider-Waite Smith tarot deck. In the Major ArCANNA you’ll find that the High Priestess is actually high, and the Death card indicates that you’re out of weed!  KymB and Magickal Michelle have always incorporated cannabis into their divination practices and, through a couple of spiritualistic magickal smoke seshes, were inspired to create Maryjane’s Tarot.

A Work in Progress

Follow our journey

marijuana leaf

Channel your creativity here

To gather the funds for our up and coming tarot deck, we have created a fundraising coloring book to cover the costs of our samples!  Click to support:

The Major Arcanna Coloring book gives you a sneak peek into the upcoming Maryjane’s Tarot deck.  We invite you to smoke, relax, and color the major arcana, or in our case, the major ArCANNA of Maryjane’s Tarot.  You can find all of the card meanings at the back of the book, as well as some extra pages for your own magickal musings.  

Share your art with us! Tag us on Instagram at @maryjanes_tarot and use our hashtag #maryjanestarot

About Us

The High Priestess
The Moon card

About Cannabis with KymB:

KymB is a weed enthusiast and influencer who is pushing the legalization movement in the Northeast. She is the co-founder of TribeTokes, a NYC-based CBD + Cannabis brand. Born under the sign of Taurus, she is strong, independent and loves all plants including cannabis. KymB resides on Staten Island in her spiritual garden apartment.

About Magickal Michelle:

Michelle is a sativa smoking artist and designer.  Born under the sign of cancer, she is intuitive, creative, and has a love for all things magical. Michelle is the creator of the NYC tarot and holds a BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She currently resides in Queens, New York with her husband and three children.

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