Making Green Waves of Positive Change Within The Hemp + Cannabis Communities

“Acceptance and legalization of Cannabis and Psychedelic medicines through education and outreach for patient care” -Keiko Beatie, Practitioner of Holistic, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine


When were you first introduced to Cannabis? 

I was given a strawberry paper rolled joint by a older guy I met on the train. My cousin and I had spent the day at the beach in San Clemente and took the train back to Fullerton. She was afraid, but I wanted to try it. I told my girlfriends who lived across the street and when their mom was away we lit it up in the backyard. We felt excited and learned how it inhale. We had a fun time and I did successful feel the positive effects. I knew it was against the law, I was 16 and from a very conservative family, but it was a new experience and I was open to exploring the world. I saw the documentary on Woodstock too young to be a hippy, but old enough to know I wasn’t a dork any longer after my strawberry joint smoke out. I had arrived!

What’s your favorite method of consumption + why?

I love smoking a joint and next on the list is edibles.

Favorite book or author?

Anita Diamant

The reason why you “burn the stigma” (why do you support or consume cannabis)?

This is a natural medicine that has been a medicine for thousands of years. It was in 1937 when it was demonized by the US industrialist for their own financial gain. We deserve the right to use this for our own personal consumption. I come from a conservative background, I am a mother, former PTA President, Board of Little League, and for 25 years was an election board precinct inspector. I support the legalization of cannabis for the United States of America.

Why did you get into the cannabis industry?

To assist patients and legalize natural plant-based medicine. I grew up with working with herbs. I was the third person in the US to have a baby born underwater, all to assist the baby and mother in having a more positive birth experience with no drugs.

What is one strategy that has helped you grow your business?

I reach out and share about Coral Cove Wellness Resort. When it seems to be a good partnership I do give away trips to the resort depending on the event. Who wouldn’t want to win a trip to a Jamaican Cannabis Resort?

What organizations are you a part of or support?

Board member for NORML, The Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, Calif. Cannabis Tourism Association, WeedWeek Council, Advisory Board for Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo, all to support the community and industry of cannabis.

One thing about yourself that we would never know unless you told us?

I worked in the music and surf industry where I travel around the world. I have never drunk alcohol or smoked tobacco.

What websites or platforms do you use for your cannabis information?

CFN, MJ Biz, Green Flower, Frontier Data, Leafly, Weedmaps, Healer, Patients Out of Time, The Emerald Mag, Terpinenes and Testing, Holisitc Caring, Psychedelics Today, Charcuna, Double Blind, and of course, Cannabis With KymB

Astrological Sign:



Anheim, CA

A Little More About Me..

Since the 70’s, I’ve been a practitioner of Ayurveda, Chinese + Holistic Medicine with a specialty in Bach Flower + Homeopathic Remedies. This has continued with whole plant cannabis medicine + focusing on education to the community for better patient care, health, + well-being.  I’m also the Director of Education for Coral Cove Wellness Resort located in Jamaica.  This is an all-inclusive cannabis + psychedelic educational resort with cultivation on the oceanfront of the crystal blue waters of Jamaica.

I speak at many mainstream cannabis + CBD conference across the country on va variety of different subjects such as: Senior Education, Pain Management, Edibles, Topicals, Patient Care, Minorities in Cannabis, just to name a few. My background, education, + knowledge on the whole plant has assisted many to be able to be in this industry + community, but most of all heal themselves from many serious diseases.

At this time, I’m also a Board Member on various organizations starting with OC NORML, The Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, Advisory Board Member for Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo, WeedWeek, and proudly a Head Judge of Edibles for The Emerald Cup, Regional Lead in Southern Calif. For the California Cannabis Tourism Association. I’ve also been working with others to create the Cannabis International Tourism Association, after already of started various companies in the industry from delivery services, cultivation, + dispensaries all to support patient care with natural plant-based medicines.

In the past, my passion for holistic natural plant-based medicines brought me to study at Esalen Institute, Twin Lakes Holistic College, Alive Polarity Institute, CIIS Calif. Institute of Intralegal Studies, UCLA + LA College of Massage + Physical Therapy. I assisted in starting Women Grow OC, written for Weedmaps,, Sensi Magazine, Edibles Magazine + The Retreat Journal, which I hope you see, I love doing.

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