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Love Letter to MaryJane

“Don’t yuck my yum!”

Respect and have empathy for what others may not like, understand, or comprehend. My cannasexual journey started from a place of miseducation, stigma, and fear. Unfortunately, yucking other people’s yum is how I began my relationship with Mary Jane.  I was under the notion that I would end up a “failure” or “loser” condemned to spend the rest of my life in my mom’s basement. It wasn’t until I broke past the propaganda that I experienced and enjoyed cannabis with someone I considered “successful;” definitely not on track to end up in their parent’s basement. Soon, I found myself wanting to know beyond what I was shown on television.

It was later that I soon found cousins I didn’t know smoked but had been doing so for years before I discovered it, but were not open about it. Being honest about my love of Cannabis with my parents made them more open with me and shared stories of their experiences with the plant. To be fair, my parents were never “anti-pot.” but they just encouraged me to focus on other opportunities. They always answered my questions and never discouraged me to not smoke cannabis. Most of the limits I grew up with I set upon myself. 

After 5 years since I first started enjoying cannabis, I began to question why I enjoyed and felt the need to smoke or consume daily. I also wanted to know why I was using this substance consistently and more frequently than my friends around me. Following these internal questions, I began a solo social experiment after visiting California and Colorado purchasing medical cannabis versus from New York City legacy market.  

With this, I was able to understand varying dosages (10g, 20g, 50g ect) of edibles and how they affected me. I could link how a specific strain of flower would impact my ability to work throughout the day, be creative, or help with sleep. With my given choices of flower and seeing the creative ways to infuse cannabis into my everyday diet, I noticed that cannabis helps me stay positive instead of going into an anxiety spiral. I love to go into a creative state of mind and think about how to curate more inclusive sex positive safe spaces.

When it comes to the roll up of Mary Jane…..

I take my time to create a ritual of selecting my bud, grinding just the right amount, then ceremoniously rolling and inhaling the terpene profile around my mouth. My first few inhales, I want to get the body feel of the flower and trace back the flavors wafting around my tongue. I love to take a moderately deep inhale, so I can hold it in then take another smaller hit to hold a full embodiment of the bud. I want to hold this for a few moments longer before slowly releasing through my nose and mouth so my sinuses absorb then release in euphoria. To see, touch,  smell, taste then hear the burn of the flower encased in my favorite natural help paper all of my senses are engaged as my ceremony repeats each inhale, not ending until the flame touches the paper tip. 

Tiana Glittersaurus aka “Smokey Spice,” has been featured in the New York Times and about the growing popularity of alternative lifestyles and sex positivity. As a conscious hedonist, she has a  passion for building community through curating events that celebrate inclusivity and education. As the proud member of the The Velvet Tip Collective created by The Spice Girls of Sex, she joins a  diverse and expressive group of women who are committed to creating experiences and events that invite freedom of sexual expression. @glittersaurus.rex on IG for more info!

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