Welcome to Cannabis with KymB!

My name is Lacey, editor and chief of Cannabis with Kym B and I am so glad you are here to join us in this movement! Our goal is to keep you posted on all things KymB and Cannabis related for the east coast! I’m excited to bring you information on all the exciting things happening in the cannabis movement, especially with legalization on the horizon in so many places, my hope is to help bring you the information that you need to advocate for and educate yourself and others while also working towards breaking the stigma attached to cannabis and those that use it, whether it be medically or recreationally.

More than just cannabis, Cannabis with KymB is a lifestyle publication that mixes cannabis, CBD and wellness together for an all-around well-balanced healthy life.

I’m a cannabis patient from New Jersey, and have been a part of the program for almost four years. I have used cannabis to improve the quality of my life, by reducing the pharmaceuticals I need to treat and manage my chronic health conditions. Before being a cannabis patient, I was heavily medicated and almost completely bedridden from pain, crippling brain fog and limited memory. When I didn’t use cannabis, I lived dose to dose, unable to function if I missed one, going through almost immediate withdrawals when I was late on a dose. Now, with cannabis use I’m more able to live life the way I want. Being chronically ill limits me greatly, but cannabis has made life more bearable.

I decided to start writing about my cannabis journey after joining an online cannabis networking platform Massroots and I began writing reviews after being burned on an expensive “must have” item that was nothing more than an overpriced paperweight for me! I realized that I was not alone and that I had a voice that resonated with others and other people cared about what I had to say, and for some, my voice was one of hope and inspiration.

Going public with my cannabis use has helped other parents feel less shame for their personal use and have reached out to thank me for being here for them, making a difference to people I had never and may never meet in person has been humbling. I hope to use this voice and these platforms for good and continue to be someone people come to for advice or inspiration, or maybe just honesty. I promise to continue to strive for de-stigmatization of cannabis, advocate for use and access, and bring the most honest and accurate information forward, continuing to be a person people can trust and whose opinion is valued.

Aside from my work with Cannabis with KymB, I’m also a mom, I have a son in grade school. When my health allows, I enjoy spending time with my son and boyfriend out in nature, going for walks and to the park whenever possible. I’m an excellent blanket fort or pillow nest maker and binge-watching expert when I can’t get out.

You can find me on Instagram @lacey_project and on Facebook Lacey Jaye on twitter, @lace_project_. I’ve been published by _Honeysuckle Magazine _and CannaProsCoop. I believe in the healing power of cannabis and the many uses the plant can serve medicinally and beyond. I hope to be a part of the change I wish to see in the world, by changing the stereotypical face of cannabis users while shattering the stigma attached to cannabis use, especially by parents. Cannabis has changed my life and I’d like to see it more acceptable and accessible for all, improving the quality of life for all.

Stay lifted!