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KymB’s TribeTokes Favorites

WARNING: Contents may cause happiness and relaxation. At first glance, TribeTokes products shimmers with gold weed leaves and sexy white packaging. But it’s what inside that can help you live your best life!

TribeTokes takes a modern twist on self-care products for the next generation consumer – who respects plant science, consumes mindfully and expects top quality products from trusted brands.

So, the combination of unprecedented quality + a sleek sexy design makes the whole vibe dope AF.  As a Co-founder, I’m in love with all the products because they make it easy to integrate CBD into my wellness routine. Learn more about three must-have CBD products by TribeTokes that I use on a daily basis to help slay my anxiety, and keep me looking and feeling like my best self.

All-in-One Disposable Vape

The All-in-One Vape is my go-to morning, noon + night. It’s powerful, discreet + super cute. This convenient “use out of the box” option is perfect for on the go or those who don’t want to even press a button – simply inhale to activate and puff puff pass!

Vape Pen

It’s a much simpler option than buying a separate battery and carts, this pod-style dab pen design is smaller than most lighters and fits easily in a pocket or your palm. The stainless steel core contains a 370 mAh battery that lasts for over a year from first use – so it won’t die on you! Yes, never charge a battery ever again. Plus, there are 12 strains available – something for everyone. Clean vaping NEVER looked so good. I know, you’re welcome.

The Phoenix

Hands down, The Phoenix Glass Blunt is one of my favorite products as I am a big weed smoker.  Honestly, I love blunts. Unfortunately, blunts are one of the unhealthiest smoking options. Cigar paper itself contains a significant amount of tobacco and nicotine – so a glass or crystal blunt can provide a great alternative. I must express how absolutely gorgeous the glass piece is – I like to rep the sexy stoner look.

The Phoenix Glass Blunt - Gold

The coolest part of smoking out of this gem is the turn it and burn it method. As you smoke the flower you turn it to ash so you don’t breath in any unnecessary carcinogen – genius! This king size glass blunt (aka a “glunt”) is available in gold or rose gold, and will lead cannabis or CBD hemp flower lovers into a paperless revolution. Form and function combine in a glass spiral pipe, allowing for a smoke sesh without the need to burn rolling papers or cigar wraps. Holds up to 2 grams of ground flower. TIP: Don’t pack too tight, a bit of air flow makes it burn like a blunt.

Flavorless 1500 mg Tincture

Fast acting CBD relief with just a dropper full sublingually. WTF does sublingual even mean? Simply stated: situated or applied under the tongue, denoting a pair of small salivary glands beneath the tongue. Tinctures are gaining in popularity because they are easy to use and can help with anxiety, sleep, mood, pain and tension. Personally, I take it every morning with my coffee to ease the caffeine jitters and get my shit together for the day. As a IBD sufferer, I need the anti-inflammatory power of CBD for healing purposes.

TribeTokes - Tincture

Looking at the TribeTokes 1500 mg CBD Tincture bottle with a dropper one could be intimidated. But the directions are on the bottle with dosing information. Simply hold under your tongue, or add to any juice or smoothie. The CBD should enter your system within 15-45 minutes. There are only 2 ingredients, Full spectrum CBD and organic cold-pressed mct oil for the win! Fast, easy and potent.

TribeTokes is a brand that elevates people. Based out of the Meatpacking District in NYC, Tribe gives access to ultra-healthy products in a market lacking transparency. The guiding principle is “Never sell a product we wouldn’t give your own mother or sister.” The TribeTokes team is obsessed with developing healthy products with powerful therapeutic effects to empower a healthier plant-based lifestyle.‘Nuff said.

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