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Creating Desire to See Constructive Communities Around the Use of Cannabis

“Plant freedom. No plant should be illegal. Let’s heal together.” – Solonje Burnett, Co-Founder HumbleBloom

credit: Helena de Braganca


When were you first introduced to Cannabis? 

I was introduced to cannabis through a sports-related injury. I was on the soccer team at Wellesley College and in the midst of training my Junior Year I was sidelined with a groin injury. It was difficult getting around our beautiful but spread out campus. A close friend suggested using the plant to ease the pain and there began our relationship. It wasn’t until years later that my usage became more of a regular practice when I had a boyfriend who thoughtfully rolled beautiful fanta leaf joints every night.

When was your first CBD experience? 

My first CBD experience was much more recent – within the past 2 years. Since becoming an advocate and experience producer in the industry, I’ve received incredible products. I can’t remember who was the first but TONIC was one of my earliest interactions. I remember being a bit like ” No THC, what is this even going to do”. To my pleasant surprise, Tonic’s OG helped to alleviate anxiety as I was juggling several gigs to get Humble Bloom started. Kept that bottle in my bag until it was empty and shared the product power to family and friends. Thanks to Brittany, Erik, and crew for all you do!

What’s your favorite way to consume?

Smoking. I’m on that OG consumption. #puffpuffpass to create community.

What’s your favorite strain?

Blue Dream.

Where’s your favorite place to smoke?

Anywhere they’ll let me or I can sneak it.

credit: Helena de Braganca

What are some Cannabis and CBD brands that you love?

There are so many good ones but here are the brands/products I use habitually: Wildflower CBD+ cooling stick for pain, Plant People face serum, Kiskanu face oil, Quim intimacy oil, Saint Jane body serum, Shea Brand shea butter and transdermal patch for period relief. I also adore Mellows, Kiskanu, Barbari, Levo and Potli. Finally, also need to shout out the People’s Dispensary, Besito, and Burlmade.

Who is your Cannabis industry crush?

I don’t have one but I’m keeping my eyes open for my future farm boo. Holler if you’re one with/for the earth!

As an influencer and advocate, where should people be paying more attention? Name any organizations that you support or belong to:

People should be paying attention to the current legislation. What is included the MRTA and CRTA and how does that affect you, your family, and our broader NY community. I am on the Steering Committee of Equity First Alliance and Co-Founder of Humble Bloom. I also support the work of organizations like Tree Femme Collective, the Equity Organization, M4MM, NY Small Farm Alliance of Cannabis Growers, Drug Policy Alliance, and others.

If you could smoke with anyone alive on Earth- who would it be and what question would you ask them? 

I would smoke with Bezos and ask him why he hasn’t saved the Amazon (or other environmental issues) with the incredible individual wealth he has amassed so we all have a planet.


Newton, Massachusetts

What’s your Astrological sign?


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