Health and Wellness trends: CBD Yoga for the win!

There’s nothing better than when you can enjoy two things you like at the same time. Surf and turf, a movie and popcorn, beer and just about any sport… but what if these two things were actually good for your mind body and soul? rxmaryjade partnered up with bouncebackfit, in Woodbridge, New Jersey, to bring some local CBD vendors and cannabis professionals together for an afternoon of health and wellness with a twist! CBD and yoga!

The room was dimly lit and there was the smell of essential oils in the air while there was calm and upbeat music playing in the background. Yoga mats were spread out randomly on the floor. The group was diverse with a mix of ages, genders and experience levels, but they were all together today for the same reason!

Yoga is far from new, having its roots date back more than five thousand years ago in India, but here in America, it’s been an ever growing and evolving trend the last three decades and counting. One of the latest, and in my opinion less ridiculous of trends is CBD yoga. CBD yoga is a mix of yoga and the use of a CBD product, whether it be an edible, supplement, topical or vape, the choice is at the discretion of each individual participant. At least that was the case at this event. I’ve been to other CBD yoga events where a sublingual was given before instruction began.

As always, Rx MaryJade arranged a lovely event. She had a small selection of vendors that she personally uses or recommends. At the start of the event, Rx MaryJade stood in front of the room and gave a brief introduction of herself and welcomed everyone for attending. The event was near sold out, though, with over 17 participants in the room, there wasn’t really much room for anyone else. Jade spoke candidly of her health struggles and her cannabis use as treatment over pharmaceuticals. She explained how the use of cannabis and CBD, more specifically the strain “Charlotte’s Web” improves her quality of life and have her back the ability to live an active lifestyle, which she has dedicated to advocating for CBD and cannabis use, while educating the public on the many benefits of cannabis and CBD hemp.

After Jade’s passionate, inspirational and informative introduction, there was a quick meet and greet session with the vendors and service providers at the event. Each vendor gave a brief introduction of their companies and contributions to the community along with why the use CBD. The personal testimonials really helped to keep the energy in the room positive and upbeat. It was evident that CBD had improved the lives of everyone that had used it, and those that hadn’t heard of CBD before that day, were eager to learn more and experience the positive benefits of CBD for themselves.

The vendors included;

Green Passions Industries. They offer a line of CBD products that includes vegan gummies, infused water, and tinctures for people and their pets, too! Find them on Instagram greenpassionindustries

Core Roots CBD. The owner of this company has been in the cannabis- business for over ten years. He’s a graduate of the cannabis college, His company strives to do something new with every product they offer, and have a line of topical lotions, gummies and edibles made using co2 extraction, for the cleanest possible extraction. Check them out on Instagram corerootscbd

There were sample smoothies offered from” Want a Smoothie”, and they were all pretty good in their own way. Rx MaryJade’s hemp seed smoothie was the real show stopper in my opinion. If you’re located near the Edison/Woodbridge area, I recommend you check them out at their store front 76 Main Street, Edison, New Jersey or on Instagram wantasmoothie

The Happy Therapist, Sonia Singh of the Center of Inner Transformation was there to discuss the services she offers as a psychotherapist, MSW, LCSW and LCADC. Find her on Instagram thehappytherapist

All of the vendors were friendly, professional and informative. None of the vendors came off as pushy snake oil salesmen. Each one seemed genuinely compassionate and concerned with educating customers and helping them to live more healthy and active lifestyles. Most of the vendors offered samples of their products, but all of them had full displays where people could look at the products and ask questions and purchase if they’d like. There definitely wasn’t any pressure to buy, but it seemed like nearly everyone did. Every Participant received a CBD goodie bag filled with samples for them to bring home and try, along with some informative pamphlets filled with useful information on CBD!

As everyone that was making purchases finished up, those that were on their mats were offered some of Rx MaryJade’s personal topical. This is a topical I personally love and highlight recommend. Jade walked around the room discussing her product as people massaged the lotion on to their various aches and pains.

Jade announced the arrival of the yoga instructor, everyone slowly filed into the room and took their place on their mats. While everyone stretched out and the instructor, Andrea, introduced herself and the goal of the session, Jade put some music on the speaker and lowered the lights. This brief moment of transition was the most chaotic part of the whole experience.

Andrea gave great instruction. Her voice was clear and confident, her directions were easy to follow. I felt she lead the session very well given the mixed level of experience of the participants. The flow of the class was steady yet relaxed. I found her guided meditation at the start of the session to be very calming, when I looked around the room, everyone else seemed to be at peace. The music was fitting for the mood and the lighting was very nice. The entire class seemed focused and engaged in the moment and experience. I personally liked the direction that Andrea deliveries as she didn’t come off as intimidating. Her delivery was effective and informative, as she explained and demonstrated each pose and its variations to allow participants the ability to customize their personal experience based on their comfort level. I also found her to be positive and reassuring, reminding participants that not only is every body different, but even within our own bodies, things may come easier to one side over the other. She continued to remind everyone to move at their own pace and only do what feels comfortable to them.

CBD yoga is not only an exercise of the body, but one of mindfulness and relaxation. At times, you could hear the whole room breathing in unison. This event brought together people of all ages and backgrounds and allowed them to mingle, exercise and learn something new in an open minded, laid back environment. Events like this are vital to the cannabis and hemp movement. Now with CBD being fully legal and legalization of cannabis on the rise, events and activities that mix education and advocacy will be vital to the mainstream understanding, acceptance and acclamation of CBD and cannabis lifestyles.

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