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Our founder KymB was featured alongside her business partner Degelis Tufts in the latest publication on The article was written by Emily Price in the Vices section to announce the exciting “partnership… that will bring its skincare line, TriBeauty, to the CBD Beauty Corner at Joel Warren’s Salon Project located on the 7th floor of Saks Fifth Avenue Flagship in NYC. “
In the article, KymB explains why she initially wanted to launch TriBeauty. “I started looking for an eye cream that had CBD and an all-natural formulation free of dehydrating & harsh chemicals…Back in 2016, that product didn’t exist…With the help of two amazing women named Rose, I formulated an all-natural CBD-infused eye cream, our first signature product in the collection, which quickly became a cult staple of our brand… mission to make an entire line of clean CBD beauty products” She did this to help people with daily skincare routines find an all-natural solution. All of the products are created with different skin types in mind. One of the best sellers, the CBD mask, is created with: ” unrivaled attention to detail – kale and spinach extract (which have Vitamin K, Lutein, Folate and Vitamin A), Lavender, CoQ10, Aloe Vera, Citric Acid, Evening Primrose, Jojoba, Green + White Tea, Olive, Rosemary, and Wild Oranges. ” With the addition of CBD, the redness and inflammation practically disappear from your skin.

BUT, are there TRUE benefits of CBD in beauty products?

As any new fad is introduced into the world of skincare, there have been skeptics who really want to understand the difference between products with the addition of CBD compared to those without. Emily touched on this with Kym, and her response was perfect. “CBD is a powerful antioxidant, anti-pollutant, and anti-inflammatory. The CBD Eye Cream Rescue comes in handy after late nights as our potent infusion of high-quality CBD is perfect for reducing puffiness quickly. The silky-smooth penetration gives your eyes a glow as it brightens the skin. The mask is amazing to stimulate the blood flow on the facial skin but with the CBD you won’t worry about getting any redness or irritation. You may not see the difference right away but like other products and supplements we know it is protecting our skin from free radicals and pollution and over time, there is a noticeable difference in complexions.” 

Now, if you didn’t know, CBD is one of the main cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant, and serves many amazing benefits for your overall health, wellness, and state of mind. This is ideally why Kym uses the best of the best CBD isolates, CBD distillates, and a water soluble CBD isolate in all of the Tribe Tokes products. “The full spectrum CBD distillate is the same as what we use in the vape pens… We formulate each product depending on what makes sense and will be the most effective.”

Future Plans on Expanding the Line

Currently there are four beauty products, including: CBD Collagen Boosting Serum, CBD Ferulic Acid and Vitamin C Super Serum, CBD Superfood Face Mask, and 100mg CBD Eye Cream. Along with creating sexual wellness and mens products, Kym was asked about any additional future expansion: “We are super excited to launch a rose water toner which is great for balancing the microbiome of the skin…I am especially excited for the upcoming Hydrating Cucumber Eye Gel which brightens and tightens as it calms. We’re always exploring more ways to harness the power of CBD through beauty and wellness.”

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