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Thinking of a Blue Dream…

I remember the first time I connected with my business partner, Mike. It was September 2017, the first day the students were back at school. (I’ve been a NYC public school teacher for 15 years now.) My intuition nudged me to attend this Bon Appetit 10 Best Restaurants event in the city. At the time, I had been frequenting networking events in the food and cannabis space solo, building my email list and network for the private cannabis dinner parties I was hosting. 

I am so in love with cannabis. More accurately, I’m in love with the way it makes me feel. The self-love without judgment, the euphoria, access to creativity, ability to step outside of ego. Easier communication with my higher self, less chatter from fear, anxiety and insecurity. More presence, patience and a sense of wonder. All of these feelings – I love to bring them to people through my food. 

So I said yes to this Bon Appetit event. I met Mike while he was working at it. We chatted a bit about psychedelic tartufos, the Catholic Church, and I added him to my mailing list. We emailed back and forth about science, martial arts, and our love for herb. The first time we hung out, we went for a bike ride and had edibles in Prospect Park. He asked if I wanted to breathe. I looked at him somewhat strangely and said, “Aren’t we breathing already?” 

Fast forward to 2020, Fertile Soil was created on a path of self-exploration and optimization. Mike and I bring together the scientific and spiritual realms through breathwork, plant medicine, and meditation. Our experiential events share teachings and practices around intention setting, manifestation and empowerment, for abundant living and optimal health.



Kathryn Haan


When were you first introduced to Cannabis? 

My childhood best friends Michael and Ivette introduced me to trying cannabis for the first time later in life. I grew up in the era of “Say No to Drugs”, and had a stigmatized perception of what the plant was, and the effects that it had on people. There was a time that I probably even judged people for their usage before trying it myself. I didn’t realize the ways in which it would broaden my perspective, help me connect to my creativity, and access my higher self.

When and what was your first CBD or Cannabis experience? 

I started consuming cannabis as an adult. My first experience with cannabis was in Brazil 13 years ago when I was 23 years old. We rolled the herb in some napkins and made a little joint. I remember taking a hit and asking myself – “What have I been waiting for? I feel awesome!”

What’s your favorite way to consume? 

My favorite way to consume is my water pipe, Hydrangea. But I love so many different options – dabbing, joints, blunts, pipes, the volcano I’ve invested in…I love them all!

What’s your favorite strain?

 Red Congolese – it’s close to a pure Sativa and makes me super clear-headed and focused. Huge fan.

Where’s your favorite place to smoke?

My favorite place to smoke is in someone’s living room. I love the intimacy of sharing a joint or hitting a pipe and brainstorming or unwinding in the comfort of someone’s home.

What are some Cannabis and CBD brands that you love? 

TribeTokes of course, Tonic CBD, and CBD for Life (topicals, rubs) are great too.

Who do you admire most in the Cannabis industry right now?

Shanel Lindsay of Ardent in Massachusetts. I attended her Decarboxylation workshop at the CWCB expo several years ago, and still follow her high quality content. I love her product, and love her science mind and love how she’s normalizing around cooking and consuming.

As an influencer and advocate, where should people be paying more attention? Name any organizations that you support or belong to:

REVEL – one of the most diverse cannabis entrepreneurial communities Women Grow – nationwide network of women in the cannabis space where I’ve met many of my closest weed witch sisters.

If you could smoke with anyone alive on Earth- who would it be and what question would you ask them? 

If I could smoke with anyone alive on Earth, it would be my mother. She’s never smoked weed before, and I’d love to ask, “How does it feel being high?” I would love to experience her mind and thoughts in a relaxed, creative space without any judgment or anxiety.


Brooklyn, NY

What’s your Astrological sign?

Cancer, Rising in Leo

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