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Obtain Your Bliss with These Daily 5 CBD Pick-Me-Ups

Life is hard. Life in 2020 is harder. CBD can help get you through it, morning, afternoon, and night.

We all have things we go through on a daily basis that affect us both physically and mentally. Whether it be health related, personal, family or work problems, all these things can cause stress, that can then lead to long term tolls on our bodies. Now, as if our personal tolls weren’t hard enough to deal with on their own, we have the struggles of living in a pandemic, and living in a world of chaos. 

How CBD Can Help 5 Ways Throughout Your Day…

MORNING: CBD Coffee – You can add a few drops of CBD to your morning cup of coffee (or Tea)*. [I like to use TRIBETOKES CBD (unflavored) 1500 mg. Tincture] Now, there are a few benefits as a result of doing so. Besides helping to wake you up by giving you a boost of energy and a sense of clarity and focus, CBD can help with jitters. It also can help speed up digestion since CBD helps to regulate the other systems in our bodies 

*You can add CBD to any drink or morning snack.

CBD Skin Care  –  With more and more CBD products coming into the market, more people are starting to see the benefits of incorporating CBD into their daily beauty regime. Wake your skin UP! CBD is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. The antibacterial properties help aid with acne and blemishes, while the anti-inflammatory properties  help in reducing puffiness and redness. CBD helps in preventing future skin problems, and maintaining healthy skin biome. It also works wonders in smoothing out acne scars. Trust me when I say you will have glowing, healthy looking skin in no time, especially if you have problematic skin. If you have not incorporated CBD into your skin care routine, why not?! It’s the new fountain of youth!

TRIBETOKES is my go-to for my daily skincare routine. My favorite three I never leave home without are the CBD Collagen Serum, CBD Eye Rescue Cream, + CBD Vitamin C Serum….. TribeTokes also has great Skin Care Bundles, so check them out and read more on how the products work.

AFTERNOON: CBD Pain Cream/Tincture – (for that 2 O’clock pick me up) Whether you’re at work, home, or even on vacation having fun, that 2 p.m. feeling rolls around + if you’re like me, you need a quick pick me up. Forget reaching for those energy shots or drinks that are filled with the most toxic ingredients, instead, reach for your CBD Tincture or CBD Cream!

CBD Tincturea second opportunity to use the tincture. 1 dropper of CBD Tincture under your tongue is all you need for an instant sense of relaxation. The CBD gets absorbed through your glands which then carries it directly to your heart and brain. The heart helps pump the CBD throughout your entire body, and the CBD that travels to your brain helps with the nervous system, which helps relieve stress, anxiety, and gives you a sense of clarity. The CBD that is now pumping throughout the body helps to relax your muscles, and relieve any tense joints, and in my personal opinion gives you a sense of a “floating” feeling, who wouldn’t want to feel that?

CBD Pain CreamHave a little more pain from sitting at your desk all day, or carrying your child, doing chores, hiking that mountain, or whatever it is you’re doing?? CBD Cream is great for outside skin topical use. Rub some on specific sources of pain for instant comfort, for example the bottom of your back or back of the neck, and wrists or feet. The pain will go away and any tense feelings will subside.

These 2 simple steps will make you feel like you hit the reset button and will help carry you through the rest of your day. 

NIGHT TIME: CBD Bath – Ahh, my FAVORITE! It’s night time and you are ready to wash the day away. It is easy to turn your night time routine into what feels like a Spa Treatment by incorporating CBD. Your bath can be transformed into a blissful pond of relaxation. There are a number of CBD infused bath products on the market such as bath bombs and bath salts. CBD paired with some essential oils such as Eucalyptus or Lavender will bring you the most ultimate relaxation.  You’ll never want to get out!

*CBD Vapes (for Sleep aid) – Vaping is one of the cleanest forms of smoking CBD. A couple drags from a CBD pen can aid in helping kick up that sleep. It sends relaxation to the body and mind. An Indica strain cartridge is perfect for sleep as it tends to be less of an uplifter and more of a sedative feeling. If you struggle with insomnia, this is your new best friend. [Your evening routine can also include a cup of  CBD Tea, another opportunity for that extra CBD dose if needed. Try including your CBD Beauty Routine again for extra skin loving.]

*Check out TRIBETOKES – they have a great selection of delicious CBD cartridges to choose from!

Think this is too much CBD for a day? There is NO overdose limit for CBD, as it’s non-psychoactive + will NOT get you high. Be sure to start low then increase with time as you go. Educate yourself on correct dosages + how each product works best for YOU. This is only meant to help as a guide in using CBD, and is not intended to be used, or claimed as medical solutions to serious conditions. 

Obtaining bliss daily can be possible by incorporating CBD to your daily routines. I’d love to help you achieve this bliss by providing you with a 20% off Discount code to the TRIBETOKES.COM website. Use code “LORENAG”  (:  Enjoy!!

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