CBD Post-Workout Recovery Routine

Have you ever felt drowsy, lazy, or extra sleepy after your workout? Now you won’t!

Post-workout recovery is important! Trust me, as a certified fitness professional for over 20 years, I have trained tens of thousands of bodies (that’s a lot of butts). What I have always noticed are those who spend time for self-care and recovery ALWAYS see the best results. Being a gym rat for years, I noticed the same results in myself when I follow some pretty simple steps in recovery: Sleep, proper nutrition and hydration. Plus, I have a strong belief in bodywork, foam rolling and massage. About 5 years ago, I found something that has seriously changed my life and the way I recover. 

As a weed-lover, I have always smoked after working out to relax my muscles. Watching the old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie One More Rep, I was in awe as he smoked a joint and immediately added that to my post-workout regimen. That was 20 years ago and I never looked back. With the legalities of the plant, it wasn’t in good taste to recommend clients to smoke weed. BUT THEN CBD! With CBD coming on the scene in 2015 – it literally changed the game. 

Since CBD is known to reduce inflammation, help conquer muscle spasms, subdue pain and anxiety it’s a no-brainer to add this super-supplement for those who like to work hard in the gym and out. In fact, CBD oil is thought to be one of the best anti-inflammatory supplements available because it allows muscles to heal and get much stronger than traditional products especially when its used long term. 

Studies show that CBD can help people sleep better at night which when muscles recover the most. When you are asleep, the body produces Melatonin, a human growth hormone that aids in muscle recovery. So if you don’t get enough sleep then your muscle recovery is compromised. Adding CBD oil as a post-workout supplement to help you get better sleep will equal more healing while you get your Zzzz’s. 

Lots of people use protein powders and add nutritional foods into their routine as post-workout meals to replenish the body of lost energy and to help with muscle recovery. Nonetheless, CBD oil is more powerful than all these post-workout meals when it comes to fast muscle recovery and reduction of fatigue after rigorous workout or training. 

There are so many amazing products and consumption options. My personal favorites are TribeTokes tinctures and vapes. I use the 1500 mg tincture immediately following my workout. It’s small and fits in my gym bag easily. I always have my CBD vape for when I’m sore and on the run (which is pretty much everyday). So to end on a “high” note (lol) your muscle recovery routine will never be the same when adding the powerful benefits of CBD. Finally, a way to ditch over the counter ‘scripts and feel the power of a plant-based lifestyle. 

So, what does self-care and recovery look like after a strenuous fitness sesh? Here are my personal top 10 suggestions: 

1. Sleep

2. Avoid alcohol 

3. Hydrate

4. Stretch

5. Ice Baths

6. Proper Nutrition

7. Massage

8. Mind Power

9. CBD

10. Relaxation

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