California CannaTourism: What’s Legal?

If you have an upcoming trip to California planned, you may already be dreaming about your future cannabis consumption!

Finding a dispensary.

There are online apps and websites that can be useful resources for locating a dispensary near you, including Weedmaps and PotGuide. Be sure to check ahead of time, because Prop 64 legalized adult use cannabis in California but left it up to each municipality to determine which licenses could be granted within their city’s borders – so there are some cities (and sometimes entire areas) that might be empty when it comes to dispensaries. In addition, Weedmaps recently purged many unlicensed dispensaries from their app – great news for consumers looking to avoid illegal, unlicensed operations which come with the risk of untested products. 

Delivery services.

Even if you find yourself in a cannabis dry-zone, you might still be able to get delivery direct to you. For example, the app Eaze functions as a middle-man for consumers to view the dispensaries available to deliver to their area, and place an order online through the app. Currently there is no official guidance on whether this is legal in cities that have opted out of issuing cannabis licenses, so deliveries remain an option. Just be sure to have your government issued ID showing you are over 21, for either in-person or delivery purchases.

Consuming during your trip.

Unfortunately, there are still many places in California you cannot consume cannabis legally. The few exceptions are: your own private residence, an AirBnB or other short term rental if the owner has not banned use on their property, or one of the recently-opened legal smoking lounges in the LA or San Francisco areas.  

Getting back home.

Both LAX and SFO have issued guidance that travelers won’t be prosecuted for travelling through these airports with up to the legal limit of one ounce. However, note that once you’ve boarded a plane, you would be in violation of federal law. In practice, this is unlikely to present an issue – but it is up to you to be a responsible traveler and be aware that if you’re travelling to a state or country where cannabis is not legal, you may be subject to search or prosecution if law enforcement at your destination is on alert.

As always, consume safely, know your limits, and enjoy!

Farah Tariq is a corporate lawyer in the cannabis industry. She attended Harvard Law School and has been practicing law for nearly a decade. You can find her on Instagram @litlawyer.
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