Burning the Stigma.....

Covid-19 hit the world hard, and during that time, many issues have surfaced around stigmas around many topics. I've also invested myself to learn more on other cultures, backgrounds, foods, racism, and so, the CHRONICles was born from a high thought.

Our mission is simple: Burning the stigma of the “stoner” mentality one page at a time! The CHRONICles with KymB is a virtual book + social club. Our commitment is to educate + elevate the community through the power of books + the plant. Let’s get LIT(erature)!

Now, you might be wondering how this is all going to work as a VIRTUAL book club... Simple. Let me introduce you to Telegram: a massive texting platform keeping all of us up-to-date with news, meetings, book discussions, group calls, besides one-on-one chat with me, KymB, incase you have any questions! All you do is text our Unique Keyword to our book club cell phone number, and Viola, you are locked in + ready to get lit! Let's help you stay lit with like minded, info hungry, marijuana-loving individuals as you sign up to our bookclub with the keyword: CWKB to 917-905-4620

So what are you waiting for? Join Now to become apart of the tribe!