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3 Ways to Become a Cannabis Influencer

Do you LOVE cannabis? Does being a Cannabis Influencer sound like a dream come true? Well it is! When done correctly, it can not only be very profitable but highly (pun intended) enjoyable. Not to mention, you can meet some pretty badass people along the way, too!

Apart from smoking copious amounts of weed, I have come to make a name for myself in the cannabis industry, particularly in New York City — leading my personal brand and TribeTokes — to be featured on several reputable magazines such as Allure, HighTimes, and more. I also serve as the Brand Ambassador of Women Grow NYC, where I help spread the word about how people like you can get into and thrive in the cannabis industry.

To all the newbies who love weed but are unsure of how to turn their very committed relationship with cannabis into a profitable one, here are my top three tips for becoming an influencer in the legal cannabis industry…

Network, Network, Network.

This is the most effective way of getting your name out into the industry where people will truly remember you. Here are my top 5 types of events you should attend:

Join an industry organization like Women Grow or NORML. This gives you some credibility that you are invested in the industry. It also gives you access to meetings and events. I even met my current TribeTokes business partner at a Women Grow event in NYC.

Attend networking events like On the Revel, CannaGather, or the NY Cannabis Alliance. I also suggest making business cards even if it’s just your personal info on them. Be sure to include your LinkedIn profile and social media channels too. The best practice is to exchange cards and start to grow your network on and offline!

Higher learning is EVERYTHING. Sign up for local workshops or educational panels like Synergy Sesh. By educating yourself, you will be able to more fluidly talk the talk and walk the walk with other connects.

Attend national conferences like the CWCBE or MJBizCon. These channels will help you build your profile just by showing up. If you want to be a player in the game you have to show up and play with the big dogs.

Attend social events like The Cannabis Film Festival or a HighTimes Cup. I was lucky enough to be a judge these last few years where I met a lot of great people and had an absolute blast. The point is, you have to meet more people, not only online but in person!

Commit to Social, Across All Platforms

There are so many of you that want to enter the marijuana industry and become influencers in the growing space, but who are simultaneously hesitant of publishing a weed meme on your social media pages in fear of being judged… Not only is this contradictory on a personal belief standpoint, but it’s confusing for outsiders (be it owners of cannabis brands and potential social followers) when they are trying to grasp what your brand represents and what you as a person stand for.

As the saying goes, followers will only follow you if you know where you’re going. So, if you are wanting to be a marijuana influencers, go all-in on being social! To begin with, I highly recommend investing in your Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook presence by publishing content at least 3-4 times a week. I personally post every day regularly on my feed and stories. Here are some of my favorite influencers in the space:

@chloevilanue, @damarijuanamomma, @thetranimalchronicles

Find a CBD/Cannabis Brand that You Can Align With

A lot of people who want to become marijuana influencers think that they have to create their own company off the bat in order to learn about and make an impact in the space. But, that’s not necessarily the case, especially when you are learning and finding your footing. As a beginner in the space, I would highly recommend that you attend trade shows, local meetups, etc., to find a brand or team that you feel drawn to and align with. When you find that brand, immediately try to identify a way that you can provide value to them, be it by volunteering your copywriting, video editing, social media posting services or more. A lot of these brands are startups and are running very lean, which means that most of them will gladly accept all help you are willing to offer.

The first brand I ever volunteered for was Women Grow. I went to a few meetings and met so many amazing industry leaders. I offered to help clean-up one night. I took the market Leaders’ information and emailed her the next day offering to help clean-up every time. I was humble and started from the bottom. Now I am the NYC ambassador of Women Grow, which is a huge honor. So, whichever way you can provide value, find a way to do it and let that be the starting point of building long-term relationships with the brand so that you can learn how to serve in the space and all the behind-the-scenes of running a CBD/Cannabis brand in 2019.

The Big Vision:

Yes, cannabis is amazing and yes it can be profitable. But I never stray from my greater purpose to promote the healing properties of the cannabis plant through ceaseless education and consumption; healing properties which I have seen first-hand as an educator, patient and caregiver. In 2009, my dad started to decline, having been diagnosed with severe dementia. The list of his medications was so, so long. He was completely addicted to opioids and was having terrible side effects that were only getting worse. By 2011, I started making homemade edibles and was able to decrease his meds by half! The crazy part is that they worked for me too, allowing me to sleep as well as curb my anxiety attacks that I was having regularly.

The Power of the Plant is Amazing on So Many Levels…

The bottom line is that we are living in revolutionary times concerning cannabis and CBD, and if done strategically, you too can make an impact and a name for yourself in this growing industry. The potential in cannabis is infinite! There is no certain demographic. Specifically, women have the opportunity to take a much bigger stake in this industry than any other! This definitely has to do with the vast amount of women switching to a more plant-based and holistic platform. The number of women cannabis consumers in California alone jumped 92% in one year. The stats are showing that women benefit greatly from the use of cannabis and its derivatives. The ONLY way for those numbers to really ring true is by more women pursuing their passion. I did and now I’m the founder of a multi-million dollar platform. 

If you want to be part of the cannabis industry then really all you need to do is start showing up! You end up showing up for the community, for your passion and for yourself. Influence is built on relationships and trust so go and start passing the joint. You’ll find the circle growing in no time!


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