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Battling My Chronic Pain with CBD Tincture from TribeTokes

Ever since I was a baby, I’ve dealt with chronic pain. 

At three months old, I was diagnosed with sickle cell disease which is a genetic blood disorder where red blood cells have an irregular shape. They’re shaped like crescent moons and often get stuck inside the blood vessels which causes excruciating pain alongside potential severe complications, such as organ damage. This pain is a type that occurs out of nowhere; it quickly intensifies as the minutes go by, and the slightest, most gentle touch or movement can send pain shooting through my body and cause me to hysterically cry. 

When I have mild sickle cell pain, I normally experience joint pain in my knees, and as I get older, I’ve noticed it more recently in my hands. To help alleviate the pain, I’ve started using CBD products this year. From topical creams to roll-on oils, different forms of CBD work well when my pain is localized in one area and extremely mild. However, when my pain is intense and affects multiple parts of my body, I find these CBD products don’t effectively alleviate my pain. 

So, I decided to try CBD tinctures from TribeTokes. I was intrigued by CBD tinctures because they’re growing in popularity and can be used to help manage pain, tension, anxiety, and with sleep. I chose the 1500 MG full spectrum flavorless CBD tincture, which costs $120 because I wanted a product that would be strong enough to relieve my daily pain. 

TribeTokes also offers a 500 MG full spectrum flavorless CBD tincture for $60 and a 1000 MG full spectrum flavorless CBD tincture for $90. As well as lemon-flavored tinctures that come in the same milligrams. These prices also reflect the lemon-flavored tinctures. If you’d like to purchase more than one bottle, you can choose a two-pack tincture set which will cost you between $100 and $190. The cost depends on how many milligrams you select, which is awesome since you get more bang for your buck. 

If you’re not sure how many milligrams to use, I recommend you start with the 500 MG tincture and gradually increase how much you use each day. Depending on what ailment you’re using CBD for, you might need more to manage your pain and less to improve your mood. So, it’s best to start with a smaller dose until you find what dosage + routine works best for you. 

When I started using the flavorless CBD tincture, I placed six drops under my tongue and held it for a minute before swallowing it, as the bottle instructed. I wanted to start off with a small amount to see if the tincture could actually help alleviate my pain.  After a week, I didn’t notice any change so I began placing a full dropper of liquid into flavored drinks. I did this twice a day, normally in the morning and afternoon because that’s when my pain is the most intense. Once I made this change, I noticed a significant difference in my pain level. 

Also Available in Lemon

I have a very high pain tolerance due to my sickle cell, so I’m used to living in pain. On a good day, I would describe my pain as a seven out of 10. At a seven, it’s difficult to go up and down stairs, walk for more than 15 minutes at a time, and do my day-to-day chores. But, I normally fight through the pain to accomplish my goals.  

After taking the tincture, my pain subsided to a four out of 10. I didn’t feel pain with every step I took and didn’t need to ice my knee after a long day of running errands. For the first time in a few years, I felt physically capable of going on hikes and playing tennis (I used to play varsity tennis in high school). 

However, after a month, I had to increase my usage to three times a day because I developed severe joint pain in my left hand. I would get painful muscle spams along with a sharp, stabbing pain that would occur in the palm of my hand to the base of my fingers. The pain normally occurs when I wash dishes, wash my hair, or do chores around the house. For the first few days, the CBD tincture was the only thing that would help alleviate the pain. 

Once I started going to physical therapy twice a week, my hand started to feel 85% better. Yet after each appointment, I started to notice pain from muscle soreness after exercising. So I began using the tincture after my physical therapy sessions. Within 30 to 40 minutes of taking the tincture, my muscles felt relaxed and I was able to move my hand without grimacing in pain. 

I’ve since been using TribeTokes’ 1500 MG full spectrum flavorless CBD tincture for two months and it has TREMENDOUSLY improved the way I live my life. I have mild pain in my knees and hands that don’t prevent me from doing everyday activities. I no longer reach for over the counter pain medication when I’m dealing with moderate pain. I’ve noticed it helps improve my mood when I slip into a depressive spiral, which happens when I have severe pain episodes, too. I’ve lived with sickle cell my whole life and I’m extremely grateful I have a new secret weapon I can add to my pain management plan. 

I feel like I can live a normal life for once. 

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