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So you have this idea that you think could be successful….

Welcome to the Think Tank with KymB! It’s an exciting time in business. Do you need a partner or investor? As a serial entrepreneur, I’m blessed with a dope little black book of business. My strong connections + a diverse business portfolio have created many lucrative partnerships. Pitch me + let’s work together to build a solid revenue pipeline. 

But what does a Think Tank with KymB have to do with your start-up?

Think Tank with KymB is a Micro-Incubator helping small businesses achieve success through an incubator style partnership. Businesses often exhibit misplaced priorities and impatience… seeking profits, possessing unrealistic views of purpose, and not fully willing to do the things necessary to sustain orderly growth and long-term success. 

But, How does this all work?

Since each business is unique so is each partnership. After completing a carefully crafted questionnaire, we will meet in-person or over Zoom to establish a working agreement that suits both parties. We will sign a rhetorical non-disclosure + get to WORK! There are many different opportunities within Think Tank revenue sharing, percentage of sales, equity stake or contracted retainer. Regardless, I am excited to share my knowledge with you!

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