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Secrets to Success….

Hello! What’s up – it’s KymB. Sending a lit + positive vibe to set this off right. I’m all about the good vibes. In fact, I think that a huge key to successful collaboration is forming a dope partnership that makes sense. That’s why I don’t do random shout-outs or product reviews. What I do + do well is create brand partnerships. I base it all off the positive vibes so let me introduce myself. I’m doing something different + I think you’re going to love it!

KymB with a TWIST

Full Name: Kymberly Byrnes aka “KymB”

Sign: Taurus – Earth sign, practical, stoic, determined, ambitious  + materialistic

Home: Staten Island, New York

Business: Co-founder of TribeTokes

Social Media: Instagram @highitskymb 18.3k followers

Website: Cannabiswithkymb.com

Fun Fact: Certified Pilates Instructor for 20 years + a Lululemon Legacy Ambassador

I find it so ironic that I transitioned from being a fitness influencer to cannabis influencer. I have a huge love for both + love that i can integrate the two. A perfect morning would be waking up  for my meditation, having coffee or tea, then doing a pilates workout out or hitting the gym. Afterwards, a green smoothie, which is an essential part of my plant-based lifestyle. My self-care routine is easy + fun however I do like to pamper myself with daily masks + treatments. 

Can I influence you some more?

On any given day you can find me on the ‘gram. I communicate a lot with my audience. As I mentioned above, I’m not big in to shout outs. Creating synergy between brands based on my lifestyle provides relevancy. Your product or service will be featured as well as positioned (product placement) within my everyday life to show authenticity. I will use + understand your product to be able to clearly relay the value + benefits to my audience confidently. Honestly, it’s fun + even better – it works!

Campaign Packages

#1- $250 

2 Feed Posts within 24 hours

2 stories within 24 hours of above

1 Live 2-3 minutes (1 of 2 posts)

Linktree position #2 for 1 week

#2- $500 

2 Feed Posts within 5 days

2 stories a day for 5 days

1 Live 2-3 minutes (1 of 2 posts)

Linktree position #2 for 1 week

#3- $1500 

2 post a week for 4 weeks

1 story a day (5 days a week) 4 weeks

1 Live 2-3 minutes (1 of 2 posts)

1 live a week for 4 weeks (1 of 2 posts)

1 Insta Takeover (optional)

Linktree #1 position with highlight 4 weeks

Blog on the website cwkb.com

Other Services

Ambassador: Influencer Marketing Industry is set to grow to approximately $9.7B in 2020. Nearly 90% of all influencer campaigns include Instagram as part of the marketing mix. Finding influencers is the greatest challenge for those who run campaigns in-house. I have opportunities to create long term influencer campaigns that represent brands with the same core values. Let’s take your brand to the next level! Please email me to schedule a complimentary 15 minute call.

Speaker, Host or Personality: I would love to educate + elevate your audience at your next event. With fun + authenticity, I can host your panels, parties + fundraisers. Get the results through strategic planning + product placement within your marketing + event. I specialize in virtual + in-person webinars, summits, conferences, meetups + parties. Please email me to schedule a complimentary 15 minute call. 

Interviews + Blogs: Looking for content + informative perspectives? As a health + wellness professional engaged in the cannabis industry for 20 years, it’s easy for me to put pen to paper to create content that is ready to publish for marketing + SEO. Check out my articles, blogs + press throughout this site. Rates are $.30-$.50 per word minimum 500 word article/blog or product review.

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