Hey guys, what’s up it’s KymB! The world is such a better place with cannabinoids. My goal is to share my years of knowledge + wisdom with the world. It’s not all that easy but I love what I do. So welcome to the wild world of weed. I am your plug for news + events… This is Cannabis with KymB.

So where did I begin? It’s been a long journey. I have had my weed to keep me sane throughout my life. At 15, I dropped out of high school to clean motel rooms + sell nickel bags. Things have changed. From then on, I knew that cannabis was always gonna be there for me. Or was it?

After moving down south after 9/11, I found it super hard to get good stuff. So hard that I started to grow my own in my spare bedroom. It was then, I really discovered the power of the plant. I never knew that my passion in life would be to perfect growing a plant. Yet, growing NY Sour D was one of the hardest things I ever had to learn. The plant taught me patience, persistence, determination + loss. LOL losing a crop of bud to mold is literally heartbreaking.

Over the years, I studied the science of cannabis. Reading books from Ed Rosenthal + making every recipe in The HighTimes Cannabis Cookbook. Back in 2012, I never thought it would ever really be legal. I had no idea that 3 years later I would be pushing the movement in my favorite city NYC. 

After going through an emotional divorce, I found my way back to Staten Island as a Pilates + fitness instructor at Equinox. One day while waiting online at the smoothie bar, I overheard a man stating he was putting cannabis in his smoothie. I saw an older man with a tiny bottle filled with oil. He filled up the little dropper + added what he described as the “fountain of youth”. Alas, it was CBD. I was intrigued. From that moment on I was obsessed. I began finding cannabis organizations to join + stumbled into my first Women Grow meeting. I was amazed. A room filled with women – all who liked to spark up – just like me. I was not alone. 

Little did I know that Women Grow would change my life forever. After attending my first meeting, I immediately knew this was my home. I offered to volunteer. After just a few short months, I was invited to be an ambassador. I met my business partner Degelis at a meeting + the rest is history. TribeTokes was born!!

Degelis Tufts already started TribeTokes but when we met there was so much synergy. Eventually she asked me to be a co-founder. That’s when my dream became a reality. I had this idea for a CBD eye cream. TRIBEAUTY was born. Now we have a multi-million dollar channel. Full speed ahead. 

TribeTokes was a success but I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted to spread the good word of cannabis to all that would listen. I joined Cannagather as the Vice President of Community + had a live news show within the program called “Cannabis with KymB”. Being able to announce trending + breaking news to my peers was beyond my wildest dreams.

To this day, I work with some of the most forward-thinking minds in the New York City cannabis scene: I currently sit on the Board of Directors for the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo, one of the largest business leaders in The Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition, a business-to-business trade show event for the legalized cannabis industry. I love to volunteer and also sit on the committee for the NYC Cannabis Parade and Rally, one of the longest running cannabis events in the world. I’m the NYC Ambassador for Women Grow, + of course the Chief marketing Officer at TribeTokes + TribeBrands.

As a Certified Pilates Instructor and Lululemon Legacy Ambassador, my passion for health and cannabis are blended through my “Plant-Based Pilates” CBD fitness platform! On the patient advocacy side, I work with Nugg MD to help New Yorkers get their medical marijuana cards, too. When I’m not educating the world on cannabis, you can find me working out, entertaining, traveling, and of course consuming some of the best cannabis + CBD in the world.

A Little More About Me

Hometown: Staten Island, NY. It’s such an amazing opportunity to be part of the cannabis movement in my favorite city in the whole world – NYC. Truly the “Melting Pot”.

Astrological Sign: It’s Taurus Season all year!

Current Favorite Strain + way to consume:  I am currently obsessed with everything Gelato. Since COVID19, I have cut back on papers + LOVE to smoke out of my Grav Sherlock Glass Pipe that I bought 2 years ago at Higher Standards, my fav cannabis inspired store in NYC. They have a wide variety of the coolest gadgets, accessories + lifestyle products.

Describe your first cannabis experience:  I was among my 14-year-old peers in a park by my summer school. I remember that I had the worst cotton-mouth. I didn’t smoke again for almost a whole year!

As a cannabis advocate, where should people be paying more attention? Name any organizations that you support: We definitely need to support women in cannabis more. The gender pay gap is discriminatory + unacceptable. I love Women Grow! As a long time Ambassador of the NYC Chapter, it’s an honor + privilege to serve our community of both men + women.

Where do you go for your cannabis information:  Beard Bros Pharms is my #1 fav for information but I also use Benzinga + Reddit. I find I use Leafly a lot for information about cannabis strains + flower stats. Plus the app is super easy to use.

Who is your cannabis industry crush person or brand:  OMG hands down 710 Labs! I am a dabber at heart + LOVE their concentrates. The Persy Sauce is my fav.

If you could mesh with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why? Sarah Silverman + Chelsea Handler – both are fucking hysterical. Both have openly advocated for cannabis. I feel like laughter + weed are the worlds best medicine.

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