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A Mindful Mindset Whilst Consuming Cannabis

Being a Boricua Woman from The Bronx, my introduction into cannabis when I was younger wasn’t mindful in the slightest.

I was often in a group of my friends, huddled around each other, five people on one blunt, rolled with bud from who knows where. Once I grew from that place of unintentional consumption I was able to learn one of the best lessons that cannabis has to offer: When you create a healthier relationship with your cannabis consumption (coupled with a healthy relationship with anxiety and your mental/physical health in general), this miracle plant can be used as a tool to maintain an equilibrium within your MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT.

Mindfulness is a therapeutic technique that emphasizes the importance of acknowledging your thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations; accepting the present moment and circumstances- accepting life. I personally believe that practicing mindfulness daily is the KEY to healthy cannabis consumption.

But, just as every day life can present disruptions and obstacles, a dependency to cannabis can become a major disruption. Once this disorder occurs, it’s time to be MINDFUL of your RED FLAGS.

CAUTION: Cannabis may not be a tool for everyone especially when you include it’s psychoactive compounds. When you are under the influence of the psychoactive compound in cannabis, it is important to do your critical thinking BEFOREHAND so that you know you are going to be consuming safely. So I’ve decided to make it easy and put together some mindful questions to ask yourself BEFORE consuming cannabis to determine if it can be a healthy mental health tool for YOU: 

#1: DID I DRINK WATER?  I really hope this goes without saying, but whether you are consuming cannabis or not, please stay hydrated. Safe Stoner Tip 101: Always have water nearby. Even though cotton-mouth may be seemingly inevitable, you CAN prevent dehydration! Nothing interrupts a great smoke sesh like passing out.

#2: SAFE PRODUCT & SAFE SPACE?  Am I consuming a legitimate product from a lab tested brand? Ensuring the quality of your cannabis product is crucial in order to be sure that you have control over your dosage. Control over your dosage and tolerance guarantees that you only consume the right amount for your body and lifestyle. While ensuring your physical safety (Will I operate any heavy machinery soon) it’s also imperative to ask yourself if you’re in a safe environment! Am I with people who I know care for my well being? Always listen to your instincts! If the vibe isn’t right, it’s time for you to rethink the situation.

#3: WHAT ARE MY INTENTIONS?  Knowing your intentions before consuming cannabis is a mindful way of identifying cannabis as a tool for HEALING  vs. ESCAPISM. THINK: Am I “getting high” right now out of anger or frustration? Am I neglecting my reality, home, financial responsibilities, my body, or my loved ones due to my cannabis dependency? 

Please BE MINDFUL, that if you allow cannabis or any substance to stimulate the disorder in your life, you are only preventing your own progression. So. if “getting high” is aiding your stagnation- I suggest consuming only CBD or Hemp products (or any of the over 500 compounds!) 

REMEMBER: Cannabis is a miracle plant that can be beneficial in all of its forms. Please explore the Green Horizon- there’s so much more to explore!

Using cannabis mindfully is important to remove the stigma behind cannabis use. What used to be a “lazy stoner” persona has now blossomed into a future of healthy cannabis patients, booming business owners, social justice advocates, and one of the best communities that I’ve ever been a part of. With our mindful cannabis mindset we have the power to launch ourselves into a more self-aware (and in my opinion) more empathetic future. My journey through navigating this mindful lifestyle is leading me to practice a form of calm acceptance and acknowledgement in every aspect of my life. I wish you the best on your journey. 

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